Petition To Stop Female Genocide/ Femicide/ Gendercide in India

In 3 generations, about 50 million women have been systematically annihilated from India’s population, targeted only because they were female.  This is one of the worst genocides in human history.  And it is silent  and ongoing. The term “missing” is actually a euphemism that the Nobel Laureate, Dr. Amartya Sen, had first used in 1986, when he had served India the first warning. He had calculated that 37 million women were “missing” from the country. Since then the process of elimination of women from India, has only escalated.

The methods of elimination of females in India are many.  They include female feticide, infanticide, starvation of little girls, dowry related murders, “honor” killings, and maternal mortality through repeated and forced abortions to rid girls.

Female infanticide has long, historical roots in India. It continues to be a rampant practice in many rural regions of India, largely because it is more affordable for the rural poor than the method more prevalent among the wealthier and educated classes in towns and cities who use sex-selected abortions. A mid-wife is paid only about Rs 100/- (U.S. $2.50) to kill a newborn girl. Babies are strangled, buried alive, drowned in buckets of milk, or fed poison. In some parts of India that job is relegated to the father or paternal grandmother.

Deliberate Starvation and Neglect Many girls who survive birth, don’t survive long because of starvation and neglect.  Girls under 5 years of age have a 40% higher mortality rate than boys the same age, because their parents don’t want to spend on their food or medicines.  A girl is not worth it; it’s better to let her die.

Female feticide has now become an unbridled phenomenon in India, particularly among middle and upper classes.  Even though it is illegal for doctors to reveal the gender of the fetus during an ultrasound, still about a million female fetuses are selectively aborted in India each year. This rate, it’s projected, will reach an alarming 2-5 million/year over the new few years.

Maternal Mortality The subjection of women to multiple pregnancies and repeated abortions to rid potential daughters, sometimes under unsafe conditions,  is another reason why India also has the highest maternal mortality rate in the world. Every 5 minutes, 1 pregnant woman dies.

Dowry Murders Also on the rise are the dowry related murders of young married women, killed because their parents could not continue to meet the dowry demands of the in-laws.  Dubbed as ‘dowry deaths’ – these murders are generally gang-murders involving the husband, his parents, and sometimes his siblings. The victim is doused with kerosene and set ablaze in staged kitchen “accidents.” Or forced to consume sleeping pills, or hanged in staged “suicides.” Many young women are so tortured, they are driven to commit suicide.  It has been estimated that at least 25000 women are murdered this way, every year. The thousands who don’t die, live-on badly burnt and maimed, their lives destroyed.

This genocide is occurring across all sections of society in India, among the illiterate and the educated, among the poor, the middle-class and the wealthy.  In India there is no correlation between female genocide and education, economics, culture and religion. It the result not of poverty or ignorance, but of extensive and aggressive lawlessness, due to the apathy of the country’s system of law and order.


TO: The Government of India, The OHCHR, The UNICEF, The UNIFEM, The UNFPA, CEDAW, The EU and The G8.

We the undersigned, strongly condemn the practices that have led to the elimination of millions of girls and women from India’s population, and hold the government of India accountable for failing to protect the lives of its female citizens.

We further contend, on grounds of human rights, that immediate and effective action be taken by the government, through the implementation of rapid action task forces, to halt this genocide. We also insist the government officially commit to a time-line within which the associated practices of female feticide, female infanticide and dowry murders will be effectively arrested through the rigorous enforcement of existing laws and a stringent accountability on the part of India’s hospitals, government offices, and law enforcement agencies.

We further urge international human rights bodies and other governments to join in this effort to persuade the government of India, to acknowledge and honor the call of this petition.

Please click on this photo below to sign our petition

Online petition – Call for Government Action to Stop Female Genocide In India

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11 Responses to “Petition To Stop Female Genocide/ Femicide/ Gendercide in India”


Women deserve equality all over the world

Of course I’ll sign this petition. Keep up the good work!

this is a shameful and disgusting abuse that women in india and similiar countries live with,are born into and controlled by their entire lives….this is murder

Strongly condemn female feoticide and infanticide

Women : the best part of humanity (Gandhi).

They have the rights to live

I just want to say that women have been long been talked about loved,adored,admired,liked or fancied by men but what I feel is lacking that it is time that they also learn to respect women who are there mothers,daughters and sisters also not only their wives and lovers,because enough is enough.

I read a very disturbing story in National Geographic about this topic–a five year old child as a bride? A ten year old child raped by her husband? This is SO sick!!! Adults in control of innocent lives. I am so glad that I live in the USA and that are society would never tolerate this craziness. These men who do this clearly know what they are doing and the real reasons as to why they are doing it. I never ever knew that India had this serious problem. Overall, this make the country of India and the people look so backward. The country of India must put a forceful stop to this inhumane/sick abuse of children. What can people to help these innocent little girls?

great effort; carry on

my support to your efforts to condemn the annihilation of women from the population of india and for demanding the govt action to stop the violence against women

Please take action–every life matters, and it doesn’t matter whether that person is female or male. Please get the word out and expose this darkness and evil.

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