Dowry Murders

Young married women in India are routinely tortured and murdered by
their husbands and in-laws whose demands for additional dowry from
the bride’s family are not met. This practice has now escalated to
such a degree that it has assumed the form of a culture-specific
homicidal tradition in India.

In many of these cases the woman is killed in a staged fire related
accident, usually in the kitchen. Hence the cultural pervasiveness
of ungainly terms like “bride burning” and “dowry death.” However,
there are also staged suicides that involve hanging or the
consumption of pills and poison. A majority of these cases go
uninvestigated, and are written off as accidents or suicides while
the murderers go scott free. This is perhaps one of the primary
reasons for the lawless increase of these crimes.

Copyright © Ron Harmon

Amnestry International reported that at least 15000 women were
being murdered each year in India, in dowry related cases. Other
grassroots women’s organizations in India estimate the number to be
much higher, since a majority of the cases are never filed or even
investigated. One report estimates a nationwide average of at least
25000 a year. The Ahmedabad Women’s Action group for example has
estimated that at least 1000 women were killed each year in dowry
related homicides in the state of Gujrat alone. American television
journalist, Lisa Ling while investigating dowry murders in the city
of Bangalore was informed by local NGOs and hospitals working on
such cases, that in that city alone, there could be as many as 1200
cases each year.

To read the story of Rupa, a victim of dowry, who the 50 Million Missing Campaign aided click on the following link Rupa´s Story

Please support this campaign by signing this petition and pass it on!

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11 Responses to “Dowry Murders”


dowry people—-the worst in world.
hang them —

this is the most painfull thing i have ever seen.

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