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The 50 Million Missing is a global campaign to stop India’s female genocide. In three generations more than 50 million women have been selectively eliminated from India’s population through practices like female feticide, infanticide, intentional starvation of girls, and dowry related murders. This is the largest, ongoing genocide in human history, and it is occurring across all sections of Indian society, irrespective of class, education, economics, religion and community. The only way to stop it is to enforce the existent laws pertaining to female feticide and dowry. Please add your signature to the global momentum demanding government action by signing our petition.


The 50 Million Missing Campaign was founded in December 2006 by writer and gender-activist Rita Banerji.  Today it is an extensive, online, international campaign, which runs on volunteer effort and zero funds!  It works steadfastly on boosting public awareness on issues concerning India’s female genocide, and spearheading action for change.

Founding Committee, Advisory Board, and Associate Organizations

Campaign Patrons

An Overview Of The Campaign’s Standpoint

Media coverage of the campaign

Basic Information and Research

Gender Bytes – A blog with weekly postings on a range of topics concerning female genocide.  Submissions from individuals and organizations are welcomed.

Discussion Links – We have more than 170 discussion links on our flickr site.  This is a platform to inform the public about issues and to engage it through dialogue.  It is an open-forum, and anyone can post a new discussion topic, a question, an announcement, a comment or a link on any issue that directly connects to the campaign.

On-line Photo Gallery – This is hosted on flickr and is supported by more than 2300 photographers/artists from around the world, who have contributed more than 16000 photos of Indian girls and women to our pool.  This is an online memorial to the genocide. It is a compelling visual message that millions of faces like these have been deliberately eliminated from India’s population. Our Face of The Campaign Poster is a collaborative work of 3 of the members. These photos also aid our posts on our Gender Bytes blog, and will form the basis of photo exhibitions on select topics.  For eg. see these 2 exhibitions, The City of Widows and Women and Water.

Support – We run on zero funds; but if we are approached for help, we attempt to facilitate that through other organizations and professionals (lawyers or counselors). Where a case is critical and no organization is willing to take it on, as in Roopa’s case, we rally for the public to directly donate to the person in need or her family.  [This was a young dowry victim whose in-laws had fed her acid.  She was in a critical state and in urgent need of surgery and medical aid.]  We also post some of the ongoing cases on our discussion galleries, as with Mitu (whose in-laws tried to force her to abort her twin girls) and Anshu (who was murdered for dowry within 45 days of her wedding).  This enables supporters to stay updated on how these cases progress.  It provides a public support forum for the victims.  And it gives information/incentive to other women who may be in similar situations, but due to culturally defined norms generally choose to remain silent.

War on Dowry – The custom of Dowry is the bulls-eye target of this campaign. Our facebook group is where we post our dowry related information, cases and projects, and rally people to join in the ‘war.’

Global Petition

Causes – This is where we post updates on the activities of the campaign, rally support for ongoing cases and circulate requests for assistance.  We encourage everyone to join!

Gender Survey – This is an ongoing project, and the pilot was conducted in 2009. The survey is designed to gauge gender-issues awareness, gender relationships, and gender-concept formation, across different sectors in India, with control studies in other countries. It aids us in defining and honing the methodologies and goals of the campaign.

Gender Equal – A blog for global gender equality hosted by the campaign, with weekly postings of links from around the world.  We regard female genocide as the most deplorable fallout of gender inequity, and attribute its persistence to the failure of the international community to establish women as equal members of the human society.


Friends’ Circle – The new posts from our blogs Gender Bytes and Gender Equal get circulated here first, immediately upon posting.

Voice of the Campaign – We actively seek supporters to give talks on the campaign in their local towns. We specifically want to address high school, college and university students, and women’s and human rights groups.  We also invite volunteers to create U-tube videos in different languages, to post online.

Language Sites – We will soon launch our Portuguese language site, and invite people to contact us, who are interested in setting up and coordinating our campaign sites in Indian and other European languages.


1. To make public the scale of this disaster.  Our pilot survey indicates that, even though there is a general awareness of the issues pertaining to female genocide, the public is largely uninformed about the actual scale of this crisis, and/or is in denial of it.

2. To lobby for the international recognition of this gender-specific mass elimination as “genocide” under the 1948 U.N. Convention on Genocide Act.

3. To spearhead forceful, liable and result-based action through government, police and judiciary on laws pertaining to female feticide, infanticide, dowry, and dowry murders.

4. To have the government of India commit to a time-line within which India’s female genocide will be contained, and the gender ratio will normalize.

5. To arouse public consciousness and moral accountability for this genocide globally, and urge community based action for justice and change.

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13 Responses to “ABOUT”


Hello, I´m from Brazil, but I work with indian
culture through odissi dance and classical
indian music. Please, tell me, what can I do
to support this campaing, even living so far
from India. I´m coordinator of a dance company
http://ciamahari.tripod.com . I would like so
much to do something. Mrs. Andrea Albergaria

How can I help? Is there a donations page? Please let me know, I can bet many more people would love to support this cause if only I knew where and how to? thanks

Hi! I want to help…wud like to know about ur progress so far. Saba (saba05seher@gmail.com)

I am writing an article for a South Asian women’s magazine, and would really appreciate it if I could interview you. I can give you more details in the e-mail and we can go from there if you are interested. Thank you.

Sorry I accidently wrote the wrong email address. There should be a period between the first and last name. It has been corrected in this post. If you could get back to me this week, I would really appreciate it.

wow.. speechless and am with you…take care rita

I am strictly against any kind of female elimination from the society.I stay in kolkata with my inlaws and husband and 2 lovely daughters.I would like to know how can
can i support this cause sitting at home because being in a joint family I wont be allowed to go out for such purposes

am not dare to say that i want to help you but certainly expressing my solidarity towards your journey.am with you and always remain.Dr.Rita , will write back to your on completion your new book sex and power.

It is encouraging to know the efforts bing taken and would be willing to join this endeavour for the emancipation of the Missing Girl child
Sathish Joseph Simon

Congratulation Rita Banerjee and team!Its a very good effort.I am myself is victim of domestic voilence. I decided to break the relationship in which i had been tortured. I had faced many problem since that time I was a very unskilled litrary literate women with an girl child in the age of 23 years. I have been working in development sector for last 10 years and now I have incepted an NGO in Bihar to work with women in favor of women.

In solidarity

(In action for change and development)
Dwarika Bhawan, H/O- Nagendra Singh,
Near Old central Bank,Rukanpura,
Baily Road, Patna-14 Bihar

I think this is exteremly inhumane and should be condemned at all levels. Unfortunately we live in a world of dirty politics. These victims in India would have been fortunate enough to get much more media attention and support if they were living in “non-compliant” countries according to western standards such as Iran or Cuba or say in a Taliban-contolled nation.

[...] of Alaskan Love, World Travel, and the Power of Running Away. Then please read about India’s 50 Million Missing. If we want to empower other women, knowledge is a start. [...]

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