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We are seeking volunteers who can make 20-30 minute presentations on The 50 Million Missing Campaign and the fight against female genocide (femicide) in India.

We want these presentations made everywhere — in schools, colleges, universities, for women’s groups and other organizations, or even for a party of small friends at home.

We have the presentation all set for you here. All you have to do is download it onto PowerPoint and walk your audience through it by reading out the information on each slide.


1. Download the slide presentation by clicking on this link.

2. Copy the slides sequentially (the file names are numbered) into a new MS PowerPoint file or any other slide-presentation program that you use.

3. Save your slide presentation on your pen-drive, and read through this short paper by the campaign founder, Rita Banerji, in the Journal of Gender and Sexuality.  It provides the background and references for your presentation. “Female Genocide and The 50 Million Missing Campaign,” Intersections: Gender and Sexuality in Asia and the Pacific
Issue 22, October 2009
.  Also read the link for Roopa’s story (slide 11).  Roopa is a dowry-survivor.  When her parents refused to give her in-laws dowry, her husband and in-laws pinned her down and forced acid down her throat.  The 50 Million Missing campaign is a zero fund campaign.  We don’t raise or collect funds and run on volunteer effort.  However none of the ngos or international organizations in India that we approached for Roopa would help her, and she required urgent internal surgery, otherwise she would have died.  Her own family is very poor, so the 50MM rallied for people to donate to her family and it saved her life.

4. Whenever you make a presentation please contact us and tell us how your audience responded.

5. If you think your audience will be interested, we recommend that after your presentation you could show them this film (with English subtitles)  “Matrubhoomi: A Nation Without Women.” This is a brilliantly made film that won many international awards.  The story, which is a projection into the future, is about an Indian village where every girl child has been killed off, except for one.  This child is raised by her father in total secrecy.  In a village where men are desperate to find women to marry, no one knows about her existence, till one day someone discovers her in the forest, where she’s playing dressed like a boy. [It's important to note that there is much in this film that represents reality.  For instance the massive trafficking of women across India, their "sale" as brides, and the fact that families of 4-5 brothers often times "buy" a bride to share].

5. Finally, we often get requests for campaign speakers from organizations and international symposiums.  If you would like to be an official speaker for us, then please contact us at before you start making your presentations. And we will tell what you need to do.

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I am very much thankful to Ms. Rita Bannerjee @ 50MILLION Missing, founder, for her assistance to morally make me alive and comeout from the attrocities of the cruel society of evils, who snatched-away, our aim of life, our peace, our happiness, our moments of laughs, put us under a Question Mark (?), to completely changed the track of life. Now, our aim is to fight every unjustice to the girls and womens by every means — TAN MAN DHAN.

A link to my beloved daughter’s pre-plan are as follows:
Please visit her story at:

Hi Ms Banerji,

I am Sarah, and I live in Toronto, Canada. Myself and my friend have heard of your association,and find it really interesting. Its become our goal to help raise a voice against female genocide, which is most extreme in countries like India. As its been our passion to work for a association who works against women exploitation, so me and my friend Ramesha Javed are starting a club within my school, against female genocide. It would be a great opportunity to work for your organisation, help create awareness and funds and if you accept our request we would be extremely happy to work against this issue. and we would like to know if you have any special international association to whom we can give funds so that it comes to you. We would be extremely happy to raise money through events and give money to those association who use it wisely. Please accept our invitation to your organization. and we would be extremely pleaded to work against female genocide.
waiting for your response.

Thank You.

Hello Sarah and Ramesha,

Thank you very much for your kind offer. You may have noticed that we have no donation button on our site, and that is because currently we run as a zero fund campaign. Which means we don’t collect donations. Where help is needed people donate their time, expertise and resources. What we do is if we come across a specific case where the victim or situation needs monetary assistance then we ask for people to help them out. There is such mismanagement and misuse of funds by NGOs in India — that we have deliberately chosen this path to prove that it is possible to run a campaign and make a positive impact through public support without funds! Where we need help right now and would appreciate your volunteering very much is in getting information out to the public. So if you would be willing to make a presentation at your school we can email a slide presentation and the talk to you and you could read it out to your class. Email us at

Thank you for doing something about this. I am deeply disturbed by the latest census figures. It’s a serious alarm.

I can be a speaker. Good with audiences. Good writer too with a blog that looks at social and political stuff from a lay man’s perspective. Perfect for us.

@Vidyut — please email us at and tell us where you are located. We will then try and set up a venue for you to speak at and mail you the slide show and speech. Thanks much for offering to volunteer. We do need you !

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